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Erik Hjorleifson is a Canadian professional billiards player and coach

Meet Professional Billiards Player Erik Hjorleifson

As a professional billiards player, Erik Hjorleifson has been committed to the game for over 25 years.
Erik first found a passion for the sport at the young age of 16, playing in tournaments and grinding it out on the table for hours on end in his home town of River Heights, Winnipeg. With faith and determination at his side, at 22-years-old he sought out to make it as a professional and has never looked back.
With a current Fargo rating of 746, he is currently a Top-5 rated pool player in Canada and has been voted amongst the 10-best Canadian players of all time – and all with good reason! He currently holds over 250 regional tournament wins, and more impressively, on the international stage, he ranks in the Top-30 players in all of North America

Aside from travelling and competing on the world stage, Erik’s other true passion is teaching. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, Erik can help advance your game from the comfort

of your own home with one-on-one virtual lessons! He is also working tirelessly with other industry leaders to help increase awareness and grow the game within the country.  

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Interested in learning how to play pool or advance your knowledge and skills from one of Canada’s top players? Check out more details here about how virtual lessons with Erik can help you!


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